Saturday, November 12, 2011


What is the Zahir?

If the Aleph is true, if all that Borges wrote is true, then the Zahir is true. The Zahir is the opposite of the Aleph. As the Aleph reflects infinity, the Zahir reflects nothing. If you look at the Zahir, eventually it will become your entire world, everything you know. It will be what you dream, what you think, what you breath. It will become you.

If the Aleph is Heaven, the Zahir is Hell.

My brother seeks the former. I know that if he finds it, the latter will soon follow. Better than both are lost than both are found.

What does this have to do with the Slender Man? It was Him that sparked this obsession within my brother, our history with Him and others.

Make no mistake: I am not a hero nor a villain. Neither is my brother. We are human. Our nothingness differs little: it is a trivial and chance circumstance that he should be the seeker and I that which hinders.

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  1. So few of us are the Heros of our own stories, how blessed are those who know and accecpt that. The knowledge of heaven and hell is to great a question, though the answer may destroy the world I am not capable of not asking.

    See you around