Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Aqua doctrina.

I wrote that I would tell of the Others. I believe that time has come. My search for the vessel has so far been fruitless, so I will distract myself by telling you, my audience, about one of the Others. They have many names (of which I will not specify), but I simply call them the Others or the Otherkind. I do not yet know if they are aspects of the Infinite (as I suspect the Slender Man is), but I will continue to research them.

The first of the Others that I will tell you about is one I call Aqua Doctrina. "The Doctrine of Water." This is one of the most complex of the Others, yet at it's core, the simplest. As Coleridge wrote, "Water water everywhere, nor any drop to drink." Water is the giver of life, yet an overabundance can make us drown.

The Doctrine of Water knows drowning. That is its first lesson: how to drown. Perhaps I should clarify: the Doctrine of Water is better known as the Ichor or (the appellation I much prefer) EAT. One drop of EAT and you start to drown. You drown inside your head; your mind becomes a reflecting pool that can only show you one thing, your obsession, and you fall into this obsession and you drown in it.

My brother would call this an aspect of the Zahir. "A very complex dream becoming a very simple one." Yet the Doctrine of Water knows infinity, too. EAT consumes all of what you are and replaces what was once you with itself. And then it learns. What does it learn? It learns how to be us. It learns to move, to speak, to be and act human. It becomes a mirror of us. What we do, it mimics. And then it learns and then it does it again until it knows everything about us. Every single time, it learns. It has learned an infinite times. (Dr. Masaru Emoto believes that all water is capable of learning, of mimicking. He claims water crystals can change due to words written on their containers. Whether you believe his claims or not, it makes no difference to the Doctrine.)

What you have become is called a Camper. One who camps. One who stays still and waits, knowing and learning. They have become a part of the Doctrine of Water, the Aqua Doctrina. They live in the Sea of Knowledge and, if we asked, they could tell us secrets untold.

I know only of the Doctrine of Water through the life of Jordan Dooling. It's a fascinating read, one that just now seems to be coming to an end: Jordan seems to have a choice between playing the Grand Game with the Doctrine of Water or staying within the Urbs Inanitatis, the Great and Silent City. One wonders just what he will choose.

If my quest for the vessel still bears no fruit next week, I shall talk more about the Great and Silent City. Until then, I shall go about my "normal" life and search for the vessel and study when I can.

After all, there is always more to learn.

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