Friday, November 11, 2011


The others.

What a disappointing day. Not much happened for all the symbolism of six ones. Let's see what did happen, shall we?

The blogger A, who had previously returned from a long hiatus, berates the other bloggers and issues a challenge: a puzzle that needs solving on a blog about emptiness.

Doc, from Return to Slender, is heading towards Hope, the Runner's haven, having kicked his addiction. Elaine, on the other hand, is leaving Hope for a little bit in search of some lost children. (Is it strange that the name of the Runner's haven is same name as the place where a monstrosity was born?) And speaking of lost children: something is with them in the forest. Perhaps a cat, perhaps a smile without one.

James Hunter goes to Pensacola and meets an old friend. And perhaps gets a glimpse of something larger than anything he has seen before.

Jeannette Cotton speaks of her grandmother, who had a special relationship with a Runner -- but he didn't run from Him, but rather from the "Shadow of Death."

Lisa Wells is finally informed about a certain slender gentleman and I-330 goes looking for a good book. One wonders where she found it.

Michael talks about sand and time. A small post, but I think I'll continue reading.

Someone known as the Extra Piece speaks of the universe Unraveling. How can one see what isn't there?

And, finally, Jcarlson sees another episode of Candle Cove, an obscure children's show, this episode talking place in the Bird Man's realm. Quite horrific for a children's puppet show.

And that was all for today. Was it a disappointment? Nothing large happened. Or did I miss something? Did something slip under the radar?

Only time will tell.